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Without pausing to proofread, Todd uploaded a chapter a day to Wattpad , a free site that has earned a reputation as the YouTube of ebooks for its success in giving prose the social-media treatment. Readers can chat with writers and discuss books with one another by leaving comments alongside the text as they read.

After , generously sprinkled with Pride and Prejudice allusions and oral sex, opens on Tessa Young, an innocent bookworm beginning her first day of college. It follows her torrid, tortured romance with the brooding sophomore Harry Styles—named after the One Direction heartthrob—as he initiates her into heavy drinking, heavy makeup, and heavy petting. By the time Todd wrote Chapter 90—of an eventual chapters—her novel-in-progress had been read more than 1 million times.

Representatives from Wattpad, which had never had such a blockbuster, contacted Todd and offered to help connect her with publishers. On a recent book tour through Europe, cheering fans swarmed train stations waiting for Todd to disembark. Her franchise has also helped establish Wattpad as a hub for young people drawn to its interactive approach to the written word. Building on its collaboration with Todd, Wattpad has helped hundreds of stories be adapted into books, TV shows, or films through deals with HarperCollins, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Television, and others; the site says it can forecast Gen Z hits and trends with far greater accuracy than industry gatekeepers acting on their gut.

Wattpad predicts that mermaids and cannibals are poised for stardom. Todd sees no basis for the idea that young people have soured on books—a favorite complaint among those worried about kids these days. Scott Fitzgerald, their students devoured classic literature. T odd grew up in a trailer park in Dayton, Ohio.

Her father, whom she describes as a drug addict, was stabbed to death shortly before her first birthday. She was raised by her mother, a caterer and longtime restaurant cook who also struggled with substance abuse, and her stepfather, who worked as a mechanic. Todd understands more acutely than most writers what her readers want. She cultivates intimacy with her followers.

Bestseller Romance Series; Book 3

She participates in half a dozen Instagram group chats with her most die-hard fans—sneaking them behind-the-scenes footage of the After set—as well as a text-message chain with four readers she has befriended. In time, it may try to automate the editing process. Her protagonists are impulsive, thin-skinned, and racked with insecurity—just like us and people we know—and Todd, rather than tackling the soaring moral questions of high literature, lets them wallow in the petty but momentous growing pains of early adulthood: being cool, being uncool, drinking, fighting with parents, fumbling through early sexual experimentation.

For years, Skurnick says, books for kids and teens were read mostly by kids and teens. But Harry Potter elevated the genre into a family affair , and parental supervision did precisely what it always does to sex. Retrieved June 18, Hollywood Crush. Archived from the original on November 5, Retrieved August 16, Archived from the original on December 5, The CW original programming.

Batwoman Nancy Drew Katy Keene Book Category. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from June Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. David Baerwald Pieter A. Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada. Television CBS Productions. Television Distribution [1]. After going from foster home to foster home her whole life, fifteen-year-old Lux applies for emancipation from the foster care system.

The paperwork requires the signatures of both of her birth parents, neither of whom she has met.

Lux tracks down Baze, her father, to the bar he owns and lives above with his friends, and he tells her her mother is local radio personality Cate Cassidy. At the hearing the next day the judge rejects Lux's petition and places her instead in the temporary joint custody of Cate and Baze, to everyone's surprise. Lux temporarily moves in with Cate, who is very worried about what Child Protective Services will think of her and Baze as parents.

At work Cate is asked to read a statement over the radio denying she had a baby in high school, which a hurt Lux hears over the radio. After realizing how much she has hurt Lux, Cate sets the record straight on the radio the next day. Meanwhile, worried about Lux's safety at her school, Cate arranges for her to transfer to Westmonte High, where Cate and Baze graduated. When Baze's father threatens to take away the bar because Baze can't pay the rent, Lux uses her own money to pay Baze's rent.

After Lux is suspended from school, Cate desperately tries to get Lux's principal to drop the suspension. To get the principal's sympathy for Lux, Cate brings Lux's foster care file to the meeting with the principal, and another student manages to photocopy the file. Lux is distraught when photocopies from the file are stuck to her locker the next day for everyone to see.

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Meanwhile, Baze is upset when he discovers Cate and Ryan will host a radio station event at a competing bar. Lux volunteers to host a classmate's party at Baze's loft, hoping to become more accepted by the students at her new school, but this fails when Baze finds out and lectures her about what she did. This shows that Baze is shaking off his semi-frat boy behavior in favor of him becoming a father. Cate sees that Baze and Lux have made a great connection and she worries that she will never have a similar relationship with Lux. Baze joins Ryan and Cate on "Morning Madness" because of pressure from the station management, but the show does not go as expected.

Worried about her boyfriend, Lux must convince Jones Mager, a popular high school track star, to not press charges against him. After learning that Tasha may have to move three hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help her find her mother who is still in Minneapolis. Baze and Ryan compete in a radio station contest as Cate worries about whether she should tell Ryan the whole truth about sleeping with Baze.

After Tasha's mother rejects her, Lux asks Cate to take Tasha in, but she refuses. Sallie Patrick. Recently broken-up Cate and Ryan must host a wedding expo pretending to be an engaged couple, and things become even more awkward when Baze and Math show up to the same event. Meanwhile, Baze organizes for Jones to take Lux out to cheer her up after Tasha leaves and she moves out of Cate's. Miller Tobin. Jones asks Lux to the Winter Formal, but things become complicated with Bug returns to town. Recalling that the night of his Winter Formal was the night he and Cate conceived Lux, Baze decides to enlist Cate's therapist sister Abby to help him give Lux a sex talk.

However, when Baze finds a condom in Lux's room later that night, he decides to go to the formal to check up, worrying that Lux hadn't listened. Cate is also at the formal, having volunteered to chaperon so she can see Lux in her dress. A fragile Baze sleeps with Abby after the formal. Michael Katleman. Cate tries to get Bug a job at the radio station, but her boss will not hire him as he wasn't as experienced as he needed to be. She becomes enraged after finding out Baze hires Bug, accusing him of undermining her attempts to make things right with Lux, since Lux became greatly upset that Cate said she could get him a job, but didn't.

Lux tearfully tells her parents the truth about her feelings towards Cate's lack of concern while she was in foster care.

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Becoming Hers Trilogy Set: Over Her Knee, Denied By Her, & In Her Care, plus a bonus short story

Cate discovers Abby and Baze have been sleeping together. Despite rejecting Jones at a party, Lux is hurt when later that same night she sees him kissing another girl. When a storm hits Portland, Cate becomes stranded at Baze's along with Abby and things get heated between the two sisters.

Meanwhile, Lux and Ryan bond when they are forced to stay at the radio station during the storm and she shares with Ryan her history at Sunnyvale and how she met Natasha. The storm ruins Cate and Ryan's plans to elope. Elizabeth Allen. As Cate's wedding approaches, she decides to find her father who abandoned her as a child against the advisory of her mother. People from Bug's past trash Baze's bar when Bug can't pay them the money he owes them, forcing Lux to get Baze away from the bar for a few days so Bug can clean it up.

Lux pleads with Cate to allow Baze to go on the trip to meet Cate's father, and the three of them go on a family road trip. Cate's father hurts her when she realizes he does not want to be a father to her, and she and Baze bond on the trip. Cate's quickly approaching wedding forces her to deal with her feelings for both Ryan and Baze. Feeling he is not good enough for Cate, Baze denies he has feelings for her and Cate resolves to marry Ryan. Lux desperately tries to convince both Cate and Baze to admit their feelings, but a conversation with Ryan makes her think Cate and Baze together can never be more than a fantasy.

After a heart-felt conversation with his father, Baze rushes to the church to tell Cate he loves her, although he was stuck in traffic that delayed him to bursting in through the doors, after as the priest marries them. Even after seeing Baze, Cate kisses Ryan showing she chooses him and not Baze and it disappoints him that he did not admit his feelings earlier when he had the chance.

Cate and Ryan return from their honeymoon only to discover that major changes have been made at the radio station while they were gone. Lux meets Eric, a newcomer to Portland who comes into the bar while the place is closed. Baze struggles with his feelings for Cate, and ends up sleeping with the new bartender, Paige. Lux and Bug find themselves at major crossroads in their relationship after he asks her to marry him she turns him down, and he angrily leaves town. Paige accidentally sets the bar on fire after leaving a lit cigarette in the bin.

Baze, thinking Lux was asleep in the bar, rushes in to rescue her, and is hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. Cate is fired from the radio station; Lux is comforted by Baze after she tells him that Bug left town. After being summoned to the principal's office, Cate and Baze learn that Lux is failing and must make big improvements in her grades, which results to Lux cheating on tests. Meanwhile, Cate starts the difficult process of finding another job and Baze decides to interview for a position at his father's firm to help pay for his burnt down bar, in which he meets Emma.

Worried that she may not pass an important exam, Lux contemplates cheating and buys the answers off one of her classmates when she hears him talking about how he and his friends were going to cheat. Cate accidentally eats some banana bread that has been laced with pot by Paige and ends up having a very interesting day at work. Meanwhile, when a large sum of money goes missing from Cate's wallet, she and Ryan argue over whether or not, Ryan's slacking sister who was crashing at their house, had taken the money, as she owed Baze for destroying his bar.

Cate attempts to bond with Ryan's new on-air partner, Kelly Campbell, after their work relationship turns bitter. But the plan backfires for Cate when Kelly accidentally reveals a secret to Ryan the next day, one Cate has been hiding from him. Tasha returns to Portland and tells Lux that she is now living with a new foster family, although Lux seemed to be quite familiar with Tasha's new foster parent. Also, Baze tries to convince a smitten Math to ask Paige out on a date.

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Haley and Cate meet at the concert and discover that they have very similar backgrounds and when a secret of Cate's comes out, Cate turns to Haley for advice. Lux finds out that Eric is dating Paige. Meanwhile, Jones becomes interested in Tasha and Baze and Emma become a little closer when Baze's plan to take Emma backstage for an interview doesn't go as he thought. Cate and her mother confront one another about their pasts, after the latter loses Lux, while she was supposed to watch her; but when Lux needs comfort from Cate, she is there to give it to her.

Meleka Taylor’s review of Becoming Hers Trilogy Set: Over her Knee / Denied by Her / In Her Care

To make up for the fact that they never had a proper honeymoon, Cate and Ryan go on a stay-cation at local hotel. But unfortunately for them, Baze's work retreat is at the same exact place. Cate begins to discover more and more about Ryan's old ex-girlfriend, Julia Jaime Ray Newman , who was in one of their pictures in their wedding photo album. Baze attempts to trade rooms with Ryan and Cate to be in the room with a connecting door to Emma's room, as he tries to get closer to her. Ryan and Cate's cheating situation worsens when he doesn't show up at a couple's counseling session.

Thinking that Ryan wasn't going to come because of his and Cate's problem, Baze invites Emma, and they bond when he prepares a special dinner on the school bus for them. Eric finally gives in to seeing Lux, but Tasha ends up seeing them together, kissing. Cate takes Paige out in a failed attempt to get her drunk in the hopes of finding out more about Ryan's past, including information about the mysterious Julia.

Emma reveals to Baze that she has a son when Baze does too much snooping around thinking Emma was cheating on him. Lux and Eric spend a day away from Portland, where they wouldn't have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, but end up having to stay a night in a hotel room when they miss the last boat home. Baze and Emma attempt to sign Candy Krista Allen , a high-profile client, who seems to only have eyes for Baze. Meanwhile, Lux goes to her homecoming dance in hopes of seeing Eric but the evening takes an ugly turn.

Basically she has to take Emma's son the Homecoming and gets in trouble for "smoking" when she actually took the joint away from Emma's son. Cate gets back from her visit from Valerie's claiming that Valerie told her Lux is the one that injured herself when it was actually her husband. Tasha hits the husband with a shovel because Lux was being abused by him. They crash and Emma's son takes the blame and covers Lux.

It doesn't take long for secrets to start coming out when everyone ends up at Baze's for Thanksgiving. Lux worries that her parents will discover she's been seeing her teacher, Eric. Baze worries his father, Jack, will find out he has been having a relationship with his boss, Emma. Tasha worries a deep, dark secret from the past will be discovered and Cate worries if she tells Ryan the truth, it will complicate their relationship further. Emma's son, Sam, also joins everyone for Thanksgiving. Lux and Tasha's friendship is put to the test when they are forced to deal with the fallout of their recent actions and the outcome could change both of their lives.

As a result, Lux feels she can't hide her past from Cate and Baze anymore and reveals what happened when she lived with Trey and Valerie. Jack and Baze are infuriated with Trey abusing Lux and both go after the child rapist. Lux discovers Emma and Jack were seeing each other before Baze started dating her.

Baze decides to buy a house and wants Emma and Sam to live with him. Eric confesses that he and Lux had a relationship which incurs Baze and Cate's combined wrath. Baze comes to terms with the fact that his father cheated on his mother with Emma prior to their relationship.

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Cate and Baze threaten to go to the Police if Eric doesn't leave town. Cate and Ryan come to terms when she loses the baby and is told she can't have anymore children. Lux and Jones cut school to go visit Tasha in Juvy. Lux tells Jones that she and Eric had a relationship. Ryan gets Cate back on the air after Kelly is fired. Alice returns to town and her job at the radio station. Two Years Later.

Lux gives a speech at her graduation. She and Jones are back together.