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Course Purpose. These techniques were utilised from many Martial Arts styles e.

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  • Transition Firearm (if needed).

Tai Kwon Do, Karate, Judo. CQC is sometimes regarded solely as a means of defence when fighting at close quarters. This belief is incorrect.

Krav Maga Techniques: 4 Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do

The maxim that "attack is often the best means of defence" is definitely applicable to CQC as the advantage usually lies with them the attacker. For what ever reason you were originally attracted to CQC you will discover training a dimensional experience, and as time goes by, you will become familiar with each of its facets.

Close Quarter Combat consists of six training stages comprising of Elementary, Intermediate and Advance courses. CQC has a long history where size does not matter.

A person who takes on CQC soon learns to be aggressive in a controlled way, acquiring self confidence and self-reliance. There are Eight stages to the Close Quarter Combat courses.

Comfortable clothing for training. No jewelry or loose accessories. This is crucial for any person and not necessarily a martial aspirant.

This first stage of training consists of physical exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. It includes jumps, low stances on the floor, circular sequences, kicks, punches, Blocks etc.

Krav Maga is Modern, Close Quarters Self-Defense

An attempt is made to understand and master each separate organ of the body. These exercises bring an alertness to the mind, and this alertness helps one Understand some of the movements and processes of the self-defense sequences that are taught at later stages. One may wonder, in this age of fast growing technology do such practices help?

It is believed that all forms of fear can be reduced to two basic types — visual and aural.

Close Quarter Combat Drill

The correct weapon training helps to develop dristi sthirata — seeing clearly with stability -which prevents the mind from panicking, thus allowing one to calmly assess the situation and take appropriate action. The weapon wielding techniques may not be applied directly but it plays a major role in building confidence, alertness and balance of the body.