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Wagner's Parsifal: Story and Synopsis

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Parsifal: Wagner's 'Buddhist piece'

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Thoughts on the Meaning of the Drama

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They take everything personally. It makes you a little bit scared, and it's really quite terrifying. The audience, as much as the artists, must be prepared for a performance. It was the year after Wieland Wagner had died; to be able to see his productions was a total knock-out. These bare stagings, where everything was done with lighting. The light changed with the music, and the shadows and patterns seemed as archetypal as the music itself. Nobody had done that on the stage before.

I thought it was extraordinary and wonderful. E-mail: editor wagneropera. Bravo-Casas Parsifal has been praised as the most inspiring music composed by Wagner as well as his most controversial composition. I sought understanding of what Wagner was trying to convey to his audience through poetry, music and dramatic action.

The three most important messages that I have found in the opera are summarised below. Each of them derives from the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer , to whose works and in particular his essay, On the Basis of Morality the reader is directed for further insight. This teaching was accepted by his disciple Richard Wagner.

It is through compassion for the suffering of other beings that the fool acquires wisdom and becomes a sage.

Are you sure?

It is through the perfection of wisdom that he is able to bring salvation. Her name is Kundry. She represents, on one level, the human predicament in relation to what Buddhists call samsara : the cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth. In the first act she is wild and restless, striving for but unable to find a balm that will cure suffering; as Kundry confesses, she can help nobody -- not even herself.