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Try these ideas if your child has a lot of nightmares, or is dreaming about the same thing over and over again:. It can be a good idea to seek professional advice if your child is having nightmares and is also having a lot of anxiety during the day. Also seek help if your child has nightmares after going through a traumatic event — for example, a natural disaster like a bushfire, a car accident, a school lockdown and so on. Occasional nightmares are normal. Children with vivid imaginations might have nightmares more often than other children. Traumatic events can also cause nightmares.

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Mr Foulds believes to this day that the 10 airmen who died had deliberately steered out of his way, and has spent decades tending to their memorial, which is in the park. He said he has further plans for the 75th anniversary, including flying over the memorial himself and visiting the three graves in the UK.

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  • And he pledged to return to the memorial in Sheffield, where he has a spot set aside for his own ashes once his life is over. Megan Leo, whose cousin, Melchor Hernandez, died in the crash, said her family did not want Mr Foulds to blame himself. The flypast was witnessed by thousands of onlookers, some of whom had arrived at the park at dawn on Friday.

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    Clear skies meant that the assembled audience were able to perfectly see the tribute to the men, who were travelling back from a bombing raid on the day of the fateful crash.