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From advising to leadership development, you are prepared for the rigors of the academic community and an eventual career in business. Services are free to students and include tutoring, time management, presentation preparation, and enhancing computing and learning skills. Services available through CAPS are designed to enhance students' ability to fully benefit from the University environment and academic experience.

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The CAPS staff offers students individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention, and psychiatric services as well as prevention, outreach, and consultation services. Penn State Career Services assists students of all academic programs and class years with identifying and achieving their individual career goals.

Programs and resources are provided to help students specify their career goals, expand knowledge of career alternatives, and acquire appropriate strategies to achieve their goals. Mobile Search box goes here.

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Academic and Student Resources in Smeal Schreyer Business Library Access e-resources, business directories, academic journals, and other publications to conduct business research and prepare for your career. Free online access to top journals and magazines: Students can access full-text publications such as The Wall Street Journal for free which is included on the list of databases on the Business Library site.

Faculty Advising Smeal faculty are available to discuss career issues and course selection related to your interests in a specific major.

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Student Organizations More than 40 business student clubs and organizations are coordinated through Smeal. What is the anatomy of a millennial? How is this different than Gen-X and the baby boomers?

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Millennials are proving to be a complex generation with some conflicting characteristics. They crave the freedom and flexibility of a virtual office, but they also want rules and responsibilities to be spelled out explicitly. Millennials are more optimistic than members of generation X, and they are closer to their parents and more trusting of authority figures. Rather, millennials work to live and want a balanced life.

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  4. What tactics are companies using to recruit millennials and how is that different than years ago? Corporate recruiters are realizing that they must go beyond formulaic recruiting techniques if they hope to generate any buzz with this generation of students. Companies must meet millennials on their own turf , and today that usually means not on campus but rather somewhere in cyberspace.

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    Companies also are starting to understand the importance of creating engaging career Web sites. The most effective Web pages also provide a vivid sense of the corporate culture and a look at specific jobs, typically through video interviews, employee profiles, case studies, virtual tours, blogs, and podcasts. Can you name a few dream jobs that many millennials share? Alternatively, a growing number of young people are bypassing the corporate world and striking out on their own to satisfy entrepreneurial passions.

    Ron Alsop , a longtime reporter and editor for The Wall Street Journal , is a freelance writer and consultant. He is a frequent speaker at conferences on the millennial generation, corporate reputation and business education.

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    First, they often received trophies and other praise just for participating and not necessarily for excelling in sports and academics. They were rewarded whether or not they made the grade or the home run to avoid damaging their self-esteem. They are also trophy kids because many proud, protective parents view their accomplished children as their prized possessions. About Dan Schawbel.