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Events spiral out of control for all of them, but whilst Cal and Sarah each manage to find a way to move on, Marianne is forced to relinquish the one precious thing that could have given her life some meaning. The book is set in a haunting estuary landscape of mudflats, marshes and the constant resonance of the sea. She left university and had baby after baby without even meaning to. But it was her third child she blamed for ruining her life. Now her children have grown and Ellie is on her own.

She shocks everybody by selling her home and moving into a converted van to travel the country selling handmade dolls at craft fairs. It can be lonely on the road. Ellie has two companions: her dog, Jack, and the mysterious Eliza who turns up in the most unexpected places. But is it really too late to rectify the bad thing she did when Eliza was a baby? Her birth mother is ill and opportunities for them to be reconciled are running out. Despite being adopted, Mariana has always felt secure with who she is. But both sides of her birth family are now closing in, and whatever she decides will irrevocably alter many lives; most of all the man and woman who created her.

It explores themes of familial love, identity and the powerful hold of the past. Rebecca Grey and her alcoholic mother, Bex, live in insecurity and poverty. Can Bex continue to keep Rebecca in the dark about the circumstances of her birth, or will the final twist in her tail set Rebecca free to make a new life of her own? Adapted from a short story written by the author when she was an art student, Another Rebecca was inspired by the painting There is no Night by Jack B. Engrossed in her book, when somebody sits opposite her at a table on the ferry, Lauren refuses to look up, annoyed at having her privacy disturbed.

But a hand is pushing a mug of tea across the table, and a livid scar on the back of the hand releases a flood of memories.

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Lauren studies the hand on the table in front of her, the line of the scar drawing a map of the past in her mind. She was the one who created the scar, not long before her relationship with the love of her life ended almost thirty years ago. From his scar to his wrist bone, following his arm upwards and across his shoulder to his collarbone, his chin and the lower part of his face; Lauren remembers incidents from their past and tries to work out what caused their life to go so horribly off-track. When she finally meets his eyes and they speak to each other for the first time, Lauren believes she has set her life on a new course.

But her gain will result in losses for others. Is this really what she wants to happen? How do your characters begin in your writing process? Do you have an incline for a name or you know how you want them to look? Usually the idea for a story comes before the characters. This happened with my fifth — as yet unpublished — novel, Sea Babies.

I found watching the emotions play over their faces so moving that I wanted to create something similar in a novel. My characters, Lauren and Neil, whose relationship ended explosively a similar amount of time ago, reunite across a table in a ferry restaurant.

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Lauren relives their past as she examines every aspect of Neil from his hand to his chin, before finally meeting his eyes. I never deliberately pick a name. I just picture the character until the name drops into my mind. Bex was one of my favourite characters to write.

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It was a macabre scene to write but also moving. Or perhaps babies born in the depths of winter have an affinity for bleak, icy places?! The opera will be next be performed here at SPRI, in March more information will be coming soon on our website. This two part opera is loosely based on the story of the ill-fated Scott expedition to the South Pole in The fact that the original explorers did not return from the expedition does not prevent Zillig from writing a triumphant ending — Oates leaves the team the titular sacrifice so that the others can survive and return.

The work begins with a 4-part chorus introducing the work.

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However, on page 9 of the work, the following stage direction is given:. While this transformation is happening, when the Orchestra interlude overture starts, the lights go out. The chorus soon takes up the following cry:. Seit Ewigkeit sind nur wir hier, und so soll es in Ewigkeit sein. We have been here forever and we will be here forever. Unless a new type of Man comes into being and a new era begins. The movement ends with the summoning of blizzard and hurricane to kill off the explorers and the victory dance begins.

All in all, the penguin chorus seems to be a surreal addition to the story. In a way, the penguin chorus and their antics almost seem to take precedence over the fate of Oates and his travelling companions. Whether this was intentional or not is uncertain, however it does effectively symbolise the perceived battle between Man and Nature in the extreme parts of the world. Posted in Fun Comments Off on An operatic chorus of angry penguins. These have all been knitted for us by the immensely talented Eileen, and are full of accurate detail:.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Famous Leaders Among Men, by Sarah Knowles Bolton.

As part of the exhibition, they are encouraging people to knit hats based on ones worn by Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean , in order to raise money for the charity Walking with the Wounded. If you would like to join in, you can download the patterns from the website here. Tom Crean. A few weeks ago, I came across the Spring issue of Knitting Traditions magazine , which contains an entire section devoted to knits inspired by the poles.

Among the many intriguing and historically-inspired designs are a headband, a pair of socks and a hat. I have previously blogged about these mittens, and look forward to comparing this pattern with the actual mittens in our collection! It was designed and knitted by Ken Mankoff, a geoscientist at Pennsylvania State University, during a long season of fieldwork in Antarctica.

Happy Knitting Week! Collector Jean-Marie Donat has amassed hundreds of German photographs from showing people posing for pictures with a polar bear or rather, a person in a polar bear suit. The photographs include both formal and everyday occasions, and include schoolchildren, holidaymakers, soldiers and even pets. One of the oddest things for me is the sense of normality that pervades these pictures. They are just ordinary snaps, of the sort that you might take on holiday or to mark a celebration … except that these pictures also have a polar bear in them!

None of the people in the pictures seems fazed by this fact — as far as they are concerned, the bear is just another person in the scene. I have no idea what sparked this particular photographic trend. Whatever the reason, the photos serve as a reminder that polar bears should be seen as friends rather than foes — indeed, they are more threatened by us than we are by them. You can see more of these fascinating and slightly baffling photos here.

Posted in Fun Comments Off on Friday fun: grin and bear it. This is a sun compass that was made and used on the British Antarctic Expedition of Terra Nova. Magnetic compasses are of limited use in Antarctica for several reasons. The magnetic and geomagnetic South Poles are not in the same location as the geographic South Pole — in fact, the magnetic South Pole is currently nearly km away from the geographic South Pole! If you draw a line from your location to the geographic South Pole, and another one to the magnetic South Pole, the two lines will form an angle, known as the magnetic declination.

At the moment, the magnetic South Pole is drifting northwest by about 15 km per year. This is where the sun compass comes in! The sun compass above was made and used during the Terra Nova expedition, and was designed to be used in the vicinity of the the magnetic South Pole. It is made from wood, with a hand-written paper disc stuck to the top. The disc is divided into two sets of 12 hours am and pm , and also has compass bearings marked in red around the outside.

This instrument affords a means of finding the time if the meridian is known, or the meridian if the time is known. It may be set with the help of a watch chronometer and held in the hand while marching. The error is no greater than that of a sluggish magnetic compass. The men on the Terra Nova expedition would have known the time accurately because they had chronometers with them.

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As you can see, it has a very similar design to the other one. I love these objects for their simplicity and homemade charm — they prove that, sometimes, simple methods beat high-tech ones, and that you can always find your way if you know where the sun is except during an eclipse…. Unlike many other whaling songs from the period, this is not a work song.

Whaling was a thoroughly miserable business. If you were lucky enough to catch a whale, it had to be hauled onto the deck of the ship, skinned and rendered down into train oil melted, purified blubber. This messy, stinking process was carried out in a giant metal cauldron called a try pot.

Through many a blow of frost and snow and bitter squalls of hail Our spars were bent and our canvas rent as we braved the northern gale. The cruel isles of ice-capped tiles that deck the Arctic sea Are many, many leagues astern as we sail to old Maui.

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  • How soft the breeze from the island trees now the ice is far astern, And them native maids and them island glades is awaiting our return. We have a collection of prints from , taken from drawings made during a journey across eastern Siberia in Many pieces of scrimshaw show images of whaling and maritime warfare, but others show exotic scenes from foreign countries or wistful images of home. This was the ill-fated expedition led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott , which resulted in the deaths of Scott and his shore party during their return journey from the South Pole.

    Playing a new Christmas game. During the game all the incidents of a voyage of Polar Exploration are met with one after another.